16 Again, a story of black and white line art

16 Again, mixed media on canvas, 40" x 20", ©Kellie Day
16 Again, mixed media on canvas, 40" x 20", ©Kellie Day

16 Again, mixed media on canvas, 40″ x 20″, $1,500

I have always been enthralled by black and white line art. One beautifully drawn black line can move me more than most things on Earth.

The beauty and elegance of how it gracefully elongates itself onto blank.white.paper. What can compare?

Add to that a drippy line, one made with pen and ink, one with a mind of its own that does not cooperate. So much bliss can come from the unexpected.

I know that by the time I am ninety, all of my work will probably return to black and white. I look at Mary Oliver, who’s work as an 80 year old poet is often simply about walking around a pond every day, and what she sees. And Peggy Freydberg, who lived to 107, and in the end was deeply moved by making her bed. Stripping everything down to nothing can be so graceful.

One black line says so much, if you allow it. It can be so vulnerable and so revealing. It can be bold, or frail. It can tell everything about you.

Pablo PIcasso, Woman Sleeping

Pablo Picasso, Woman Sleeping

I do not live happily or comfortably
With the cleverness of our times.
The talk is all about computers,
The news is all about bombs and blood.
This morning, in the fresh field,
I came upon a hidden nest.
It held four warm, speckled eggs.
I touched them.
Then went away softly,
Having felt something more wonderful
Than all the electricity of New York City.
– Mary Oliver

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