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9 Ladies Dancing

9 Ladies Dancing

9 Ladies Dancing, mixed media on canvas, 36″ x 18″

9 Ladies Dancing, mixed media on canvas by Kellie Day, 36″ x 18″, ©2012

9 Ladies Dancing, mixed media on canvas, 36″ x 18″, ©2012, SOLD

My grandparents traveled around the world many times and I grew up watching their slides shows,  surrounded by the art and friends they brought home. Chinese carvings that made it out of the Mao Dynasty, statues of Indian Gods and Goddesses (which still adorn my room), African batiks, Japanese prints, Latino everything, especially language. It all seeped into my soul. Even last night reading a book in bed I realized all the prints on my wall were from my grandparents. How deeply they influenced me, here’s to you Kitty and Bill.

This painting is for the La Cocina Christmas show, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. I chose 9 ladies dancing, of course, each a little bit of me: getting wild, primitive energy, the calm geisha, the Indian spiritual, the tribal woman on her knees with emotion.

“The Twelve Days of Christmas” show will be on dispaly at La Cocina de Luz Restaurant in Telluride, Colorado for the month of December. The show features local artists such as Robert Weatherford, Flair Robinson, Michelle Curry Wright and many more.


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