A New Telluride Exhibit: Winter Art by Local Artists

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A New Telluride Exhibit: Winter Art by Local Artists

telluride local art exhibit of winter art

telluride local art exhibit of winter art

What I dream of, besides making art, is collaborating with other artists. This exhibit is a gathering of some of my favorite local artists,  expressing their feelings about winter.

kellie day and rosemerry wahtola trommer poetry

I had the pleasure of collaborating with local poet Rosemary Wahtola Trommer. Poems are often quiet things, but at four feet tall you just want to read every word. I took her poem, “Impossible but a Gal Can Wish”, and made a mixed media painting.

What makes this exhibit even more exciting, is to see the words of several local poets on these walls, an honor often left to books. If you walk around and look carefully, you can feel winter through their eyes, here in these mountains.

You’ll see Flair Robinson, mosaic and assemblage artist who makes fantastic life sized pieces that hang and sparkle. Be warmed by the words of Erika Gordon, published poet of haikus and passionate words. And Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer who said, “let’s do the big canvas” for her poem. Judy Haas, lifelong pursuer of art and image with her piece, “Winter Water”, which includes crystals, and is round.

The large wood block print is a winter scene from Paonia, created by Henrik Haaland, with his brilliant ability to calculate and then sculpt a large scale scene on wood, and integrate its texture. Experience the soft, sensual mixture of photography and wax in the encaustic work of Shauna Tewksbury.

You’ll see my own mixed media painting, “Winter Bird” from my days of skiing in quiet forests. And that of my mom, Karen Keene Day, who paints wild horses. And my dad, Floyd Day, who pastels local ranch cows.

Experience the intense eyes of the Wolf, by Ally Crilly, who’s acrylic works are bold and brave. And Art Goodtimes, local poet and writer, who’s words have influenced and inspired many of us in these valleys, for a long time.

Stop by and enjoy if you’re in the Telluride area, read their websites, buy their art – I am honored to present these local artists.


Kellie Day mixed media artist

Flair Robinson, karen day and floyd day art

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  1. Proud to be a part of this great exhibit with all these top artists! My painting is of a wild horse that lived out his life in Spring Creek Basin , Disappointment Valley. All my paintings honor these majestic mustangs.

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