ART BAR – Making Art In Bite Sized Pieces

Dia de los Muertos Art Bar with Kellie Day
Dia de los Muertos Art Bar with Kellie Day

Dia de los Muertos Art Bar

Making art in bite-sized pieces is about as relaxed as it gets. And that’s what Art Bar’s all about.

Many towns across the US are putting on what’s known as “Art Bars”. Although fine artists may scoff at the thought of a two hour, wine laden “class”, it really is a great way to get your creativity on!

Last night, I had the honor to teach a “Day of the Dead” mini painting class at Ridgway, Colorado’s historical Sherbino Theatre.  We set up a snazzy project, with bite-sized tasks designed to let creativity flow, and skulls sparkle! Students with no experience and seasoned artists alike carved hand-made skull stamps, and incorporated them into mini-paintings. Each person brought to the table their own style and experience.

The beauty of each stamp was that was gorgeous and completely unique. I have to show you…

Student-made skull stamps

Student-made skull stamps

With a backdrop of Latino music to set the mood, tables in this historic theatre filled with paper scraps, plates of paint, metallic markers and wood panels. Students made prints from their stamps and adhered them to their own, creative collages on these wood panels.

In the end, each went home with a lovely, mixed media mini-painting, of the Dia de los Muertos sort.

If you’d like to learn more about my mixed media techniques, click here to read about my upcoming online course.

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