Art Life E-Course: Beautiful Little Projects to Keep your Art Alive

Art Life E Course with Kellie Day

Are you wanting to make art a bigger part of your life? In this e-course you’ll paint a series of beautiful little mixed media paintings with step-by-step instructions, guidance, and tips through videos and written lessons.

Each little project will introduce you to new mixed media painting skills, while you create vibrant art. Each project will build up to four finished mixed media paintings that you will create, in your own style, through my video guidance. You can go at your own pace, and move onto the next lesson when you are ready. Contact me here if you have questions!

Think of this e-course as a companion for keeping your art alive in your busy life. 

This course is for you if you are ready to make more art happen in your life, and you want guidance in learning more about freeing your art expression and mixed media painting. You’ll receive step-by step instructions, start to finish painting projects, and tips to develop your own style. You’ll also hear from working artists on how they find time for art.

How it works:

You’ll simply log in to my website from anywhere, on any computer, watch the video and read the lesson for the day. **You can watch the lesson anytime you like, you do not have to participate at a certain time. AND, you’ll have complete instruction from me in the videos, and can watch them as often as you like, for six months after purchase. You can do each lesson at your own pace. Once you finish your current lesson, you can move onto the next at any time. This is a self-paced course.

You will also have access to our class facebook page, where you can see what other students have done.

Here are the lessons that ART LIFE e-course includes:

  1. How to Start a Painting: Making Mixed Media Backgrounds
  2. Make a Mixed Media Elephant Painting
  3. Creating Acrylic Skins
  4. Make a Bird Painting with Acrylic Skins
  5. What’s Your Story? Tips for Developing Your own Style
  6. Mixing Gorgeous Colors
  7. Painting a Magic Forest
  8. How to Bring a Painting from Good to Wow
  9. How to Find Time for your Art ­– Sage Advice from Working Artists
  10. Making Collage Papers and Patterns with Gelli Plates
  11. How I Work – watch a complete painting from start to finish
  12. How to Work through Tough Moments in a Painting
  13. Making a Painting with Your Gelli Plate Patterns
  14. How to Keep Your Art Alive Beyond this Course – Living a creative life with beauty

This e-course is not currently open. Please contact me here to get on the list for the next class.


  1. Audrey Hazen says:

    hello, hello. How many classes within what time frame? materials list? classes are sent out within such and such a time schedule?, and students can participate online any time?, or at a certain time?.

    i will be trying to find someone here who also wants to take this course. so, so splendid to hear from you always, and the idea of this course is exciting! warmly, audrey

  2. Kellie Day says:

    Hi Audrey, Great questions! I am putting all of this material together now. There will be approximately 15 lessons, which will begin in February. Registration will open in January. Supply list and more details coming soon. Students can go at your own pace, or with the class.

    Thanks for rounding up some friends, and the great questions! I’ll be in touch with more details soon. Thanks for your interest! xo Kellie

  3. La Vonne says:

    How long will each video be? When will we be able to contact you with questions?

    • Kellie Day says:

      Hi La Vonne, the instructional videos will vary in length from 5-15 minutes for each short project, plus a bonus video on working through an entire larger painting, which will be longer. Each day, you can post your questions on the class page, and I will answer questions every evening during the class.Thanks for your question, and I hope you can join me 🙂

  4. Denise Robles Torres says:

    Hi Kellie,
    I’m really looking forward to your new class, as I do all your classes. I think the biggest thing for me now is trying to figure out my own style so that it’s my voice on the canvas. I’ve figured out that I love bright colors and texture and I love to paint and use collage in a more abstract, less realistic way. I am stuck because I find myself copying other artists rather than making the art my own. I took an abstract painting class and it was so freeing! I felt like I came as close as I ever have in terms of “doing my own thing”. But that’s the way I felt with your class as well. Using the black ink to loosely draw a subject was a revelation to me! I love that technique and want to add it to my list of what I consider to be “my style”. Sorry about the long comment. Long story short-my art voice is what I am hunting for and hoping to find in your class and with your guidance!
    Thanks so much!
    Denise Robles Torres

    • Kellie Day says:

      Hi Denise, It sounds like you are at a good point, if this question has come to the forefront for you. I will have several mini-projects in this class, where you’ll have the opportunity to create some sweet little mixed media paintings, and learn new skills. I will also have a bonus-video featuring working through a bigger painting, and will be addressing how to develop your own style in another chapter as well. I hope these will help guide you to further develop your voice, along with the experience of making more art, and learning new techniques. Thanks for your comment and I look forward to having you in class!

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