Mixed media Flamingo on Canvas, ©Kellie Day, 18" x 18"
Painting a Flamingo in Fall and a bit about Life as an Artist
October 2, 2017
Tea with Granny, mixed media tea cups, 18" x 18", ©Kellie Day, available
Tea Cups, new mixed media painting
October 31, 2017
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Bliss in Red, Layers of Translucents

Bliss in Red, mixed media on canvas, 18" x 18", $486 ©Kellie Day

Bliss in Red, mixed media on canvas, 18" x 18", $486 ©Kellie Day

Bliss in Red, mixed media on canvas, 18" x 18", $486 ©Kellie Day

Bliss in Red, mixed media on canvas, 18″ x 18″, $486 ©Kellie Day

I decided to take it upon myself, like a dingle-dork, to learn a bunch of new acrylic techniques in a short amount of time.

I created a self-imposed deadline of committing to teach local classes on how to use these amazing acrylic gels, grounds and pastes. I have used these products before, but this involved creating projects that actually work and are fun to do. And that look good. And photographing them by this week, so they could be advertised by Weehawken Arts.

I’m not totally glutton for punishment. Since spending a week with Golden Paints in New Orleans last fall, I have been over the top excited to experiment with all the new techniques and possibilities I learned. Our instructor, Patti Brady, is a guru at radical acrylic techniques. So this was the perfect way to dive in and get more familiar.

In this painting, “Bliss in Red”, I wanted to layer illustration, collage and acrylic skins with thick layers of Golden Self-Leveling Gel.

Self-Leveling Gel is a super-shiny, wonderfully sticky and smooth clear coat. Each layer lifts up the next, adding depth to the canvas.

Beginning with a layer of collage that included my son’s back-to-school clothing wish list (I love his handwriting), I alternated pouring Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint over the canvas with the Self-Leveling Gel, and letting it dry in between. I then experimented with creating acrylic skins out of my flower illustrations, and adhering that to the canvas. The result of all of this, is a blissful, floating feeling of brilliant oranges and reds, with a sweet-to-touch smooth glossy coating.

If you’d like to learn more about these techniques, you can read about my upcoming workshop here.  OR, stay tuned for some bite-size online classes, coming soon!

To purchase this painting, contact me here.


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