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June 22, 2011
July 10, 2011
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Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman, mixed media on canvas, 24" x 24" by Kellie Day

Bonne Maman, mixed media on canvas, 24" x 24", ©2011, SOLD

I find peonies to be the most romantic of flowers. They are lucious, creamy, soft, inviting, and I just want to go through a car wash of peony flowers buck naked. Did I just say that on my blog? Well, maybe just the petals on my face. The smell, the fullness, the softness. I can’t say enough about a bouquet of peonies. I would have one in EVERY room.

Open, mixed media on canvas, 10" x 10" by Kellie Day

Open, mixed media on canvas, 10" x 10", SOLD

Two new paintings today… this next one is smaller, 10″ x 10″ of an open blossom. I love these small squares because they simplify everything – every spot has meaning, a voice. Nothing is complicated. Just the way I like it. Not that life is that way, but we can dream, right?

Fourth of July weekend and it’s heating up. Amy Schilling of the striking and hip Schilling Gallery in Telluride will be hanging some of my work at The Spa in the PEAKS hotel in Telluride, beginning with La Pera Perfecta (shown on the Home page slide show). The heat is on, and summer is here full force.

My son and I sit on the porch and stay near water. We hide in the house in the heat of the day, fanning ourselves and giggling under cool cotton sheets. We make plans for the holiday. The parties, the BBQ’s, the fireworks. I hope for thunderstorms.

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