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I've come to realize that attitude and loving yourself is crucial and that your emotions do show in your artwork - good or bad. Also, that painting techniques alone is not the answer to a successful art journey. I could have kept watching youtube videos on my own forever, but I'm so glad I did this because I've really developed my voice in my Art. I'm most proud of myself for making making original paintings. I see just how unique my work is and how it evokes connections in others. I see a piece of me in them and that’s glorious. I learned mixed media techniques along with materials to use. I also was able to gain an understanding as to how to recognize my style and voice in my paintings. I realized you just have to get out there, be confident, love your work, paint what you love and what brings you joy, There’s no right or wrong if you paint from your heart and soul.    


With the tools that Kellie has helped me to develop, I can make art for the rest of my life. Now I see myself as an artist-which is pretty huge for me. I am not as violently critical of my work due to her and the feedback of my classmates. It is beginning to trickle into my life-that I am more gentle and kind to myself. Kellie taught me how to sustain all of the lovely habits that she taught me into a life long successful habit and creative life. I completed many paintings during the course of this adventure with Kellie that incorporated multiple techniques and which were a joyful process. She has led me onto a journey of learning how to paint with expression and to loosen up and let some fun into my work and process. She gave me many strategies to assist me when I am "stuck." I am most proud of myself for being brave enough to try this program, to jump in completely, to trust Kellie and her process that has enabled me to begin some big personal growth as a human as well as an artist.


My life is shifting to making Art a priority and practice in my daily life and to see it more as a calling. I learned to take authority over the negativity that was holding me back and move forward in my art practice, in the midst of feeling insecure, afraid and uncertain. I'm feeling more confident internally and spiritually as an artist and challenging the need for external affirmation in order to feel ok ... My experience in this program has been very positive and healing. I’ve learned multiple ways to get started on paintings and get creativity flowing as well as paint from feeling. I’ve learned techniques and tips to identify and apply my own style to a painting. I’ve learned to take risks and be more accepting ... Most of all, I've learned to overcoming negativity and blocks to painting. I've learned how to identify my own style and try to paint only from a place of joy and inspiration. And I’m beginning to gain confidence that my own original Art and ideas could take off and be a steady source of supplemental income.


I joined to awaken my self from doing the same thing in my art. And also wanted to learn how to sell my paintings. My experience has been fun in experimenting with new ideas , collage, prints, fun canvases with no plan. Just playing. I loved the freedom I felt. I've achieved better self care, I'm loving my process,  and I'm embracing my process. I spend everyday in my art room, experimenting with different materials, and mixing with my own process, without judgement. I am loving myself, which is big for me. Thank you Kellie


I think this was the first time I had fun making art. That's a big deal for a "serious" person. I am most proud of myself for doing this program. I needed to discover the playfulness and fun in making art... I began Making art again, learned about never-used materials and techniques, (What fun!), and am having fun making lovely art. Kellie is a healthy mix of artist, teacher, art critic, and coach which allows her to comfortably teach the art-making component of her program. However she also has sufficient life experience along with innate skills as a listener and observer of human behavior. As such she provides a daily approach to keep her clients motivated and focused so they enjoy making art. In addition her personable approach and sensitivity enable her to, when needed, gently ease clients past limiting thoughts freeing them to make art.    


I joined this program because I needed some help to find my way. I always knew that I have an artist inside me, but I needed some help to find this artist...I was so totally lost, but now my paintings for me are so complete. They have layers, they have light. I paint now with pure happiness. ... Now I truly believe I am an Artist. For me, this is who I am, and I enjoy doing my painting. This is a way for me to express myself. ...A big hug to Kellie Day. You gave me wings and you helped me to find the artist I am.


I joined this program because I finally needed to focus on myself. For most of my married life I put everyone else's needs before my own. This year I finally made the decision to do something for me to break out of the box I put myself in. I am also proud of myself for taking the plunge and enrolling with Kellie. I had the choice to join a different group, but it came down to painting like I've been taught in the past or learning something new and getting out of my comfort zone. I chose to take the plunge and its been the higher road for me. Kellie helped me get started by showing me the steps on how to get rid of that nagging, never ending negative voice that has plagued me for years. . . She also recommended a book that pointed out that the restrictions I imposed upon myself lead me right into fear. And yes, I've felt the underlying grip of fear for many years. It is so liberating to finally to begin to let that all go. And this gem was posted on FB so it will now be my motto: 'You're either fighting for your dreams or you're fighting for your limitations." Thank you for your support, and faith in me    


I wanted to learn more about making Art and have the feedback that is necessary to keep your Art moving forward. I wanted the accountability and community ... Now I see myself as an artist. I'm less afraid and more curious/adventurous. I make art almost every day. ... Kellie taught me how to finish a painting. She taught me how to listen to my inner voice and let it guide me to the next best thing to do. This taught me to allow my paintings to unfold one step at a time ... I see it less as a luxury now and more as a necessary part of my life. I have more value for myself and what I do.


The guidance provided by Kellie has changed my life in so many ways, I see that I can accomplish so much as an artist, it's a part pf my life now where it wasn't as much as I wanted it to be before. I knew I needed mentoring to learn about living as an artist and seeing what my full potential is. Years of trying to do it without guidance really got me nowhere and I was stuck in the "dabbling" phase. I also knew that I had a great amount of expression to share using my artistic gifts and that I didn't want to lose out on any more creative time! I have been totally thrilled with the amount and quality of the work I have completed... they are pure expressions of me, my life, and my personality. I finally allowed myself to put my art first. I have never done that before and it's been incredibly powerful. I am happy to have made lovely connections with artists who came to this program as I did - looking for that next level. I would definitely recommend this to any artist friends I come across that are looking to elevate their art.


I joined this program because I felt as though I had become stuck in my practice and was battling with negative voices filling me with doubt about all that I was doing. Now I am more in tune with my intuition, I feel more confident about myself - not just as an artist, but in all aspects of my life. I feel better able to deal with rejection and I am being kinder to myself. I have become more willing to experiment and make mistakes and be comfortable with my mistakes; I feel greater confidence to paint expressively. Kellie was always kind, gentle, non-judgmental and professional has the ability to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the matter. Ultimately the collage work has broadened my horizons and thinking tremendously - have really enjoyed it.


This is what I wanted the most......I am in my art room everyday! I am not getting stuck, stopping, beating myself up and returning after a week or so. I just jump onto another painting and wait for that one to speak to me again. I am a slow painter, having 3-4 painting going and knowing I can just work on collage materials until I know...what is next. Kellie is incredibly compassionate and caring. ..I appreciate her ability to find ways to assist artists to getting their art to the next level. She's always positive and encouraging and has multiple resources to suggest. I think this program speaks to the whole artist, not just sitting down to paint but how you begin your day.


I joined this program to learn how to create, open up to inspiration, take art action to a more sophisticated level. It was nothing short of amazing. A whole new world of processing, expressing and release is occurring for me. It's been a true gift.   This program has been an affirming that anything is possible. Realizing intuition is key, as well as jumping in and doing the art. I've learned to not sabotage prior to effort.   The result has been an opening up of life mindset, creative opportunities and varying my career opportunities. Kellie helped me with affirmation of what is beautiful inside and out.


This course has helped me achieve my goal of breaking through feeling stuck my artwork. My loved ones have remarked at how happy they are to see me becoming lost in my studio again .... I'm making art again!  I'm enjoying creating (joyful making). I have some tools to move me forward when I feel the stuck/negative voices surface.   I felt held in safety while being challenged and encouraged in this program. I was also impressed with the professionalism, structure and delivery of the course material. The content is clearly well-researched and based on a breadth and depth of experience   I am most proud of myself for investing in my art, financially and with my time. Kellie helped me with her individual feedback and encouragement, based on my personal goals and abilities. She is always available to help and move me forward with kind but firm encouragement


Before I started this program I thought there was a right way and a wrong way to paint, now I just paint and I lose track of time and I’m happier with whatever I create. This program has helped me tap into my art in a safe way. I got over my fear of looking at a blank canvas and I’m not afraid to start. Thank you Kellie, you’ve made it all very genuine and inspiring. You live what you’re teaching and it shows.


My experience in this program has been wonderful! Selling a piece of my work was unexpected during the course, but so grateful to receive this confirmation!! My creative process is being further refined, developing into its own unique voice, through Kellie's encouragement and playing creatively in new ways. The feeling of being stuck has been lifted. Being reminded, there are no mistakes. No right, no wrong, no comparisons...all great reminders. I'm inspired, I'm creating. Dedicated time in the studio is now being embraced in new ways, as the old boundaries are dropping away. Thank you Kellie and the rest of our community for your words of encouragement and support!

Linda P

The reason I joined the program is because I felt stuck and needed a little push. I wanted to create a body of work I could share with others that reflected my style with a process I loved. I'm most proud of myself for creating a body of work that shows my personality!  I Started and finished a 20 x 20 painting, first ever this size, and then sold it. Kellie has such a positive attitude with encouraging words together with organization, talent, and knowledge, you can't go wrong taking this class. I would recommend the program to any artist starting out or even a seasoned artist.      


I joined Kellie's program to take my art to a new level of excitement and depth. To find my voice, not just copy what I like. To feel like I have a process for successful work. To explore new technique and mediums. Kellie helped me change my whole approach to painting. She helped me realize the best paintings come from working from a feeling, and to be bold and courageous in your work. She also led me to explore new techniques that add new excitement to my work. I discovered my looser side, found new mediums I LOVE, and feel much more confident about creating art going forward. The exercises and assignments expanded my library of techniques and effects. It was a total positive experience for me and growth producing.


I joined this program because I wanted to overcome mental barriers and also learn a new medium to help me get my ideas out of my head. The mental barriers of fear and insecurity and worthiness. Kellie has re-introduced me to my artist self and helped me embrace her. Working with Kellie has been like a big hug helping to feel reassured that I am worthy and that my voice is worth showing to the world. I am spending more time painting and thinking creatively. I am seeing the world as a creative person again - artistically interpreting what I see. This is taking me out a negative mind space and putting me into a happier, more positive place


Kellie helped me to unearth things that I hadn't previously identified about what holds me back, give me joy and propel me forward. This program didn't just help my art, it was transformational. Through Kellie's mentor-ship, I moved toward defining my authentic artistic voice, found processes that worked for me and learned the steps to pull a painting together. I now find great joy in painting and experimenting. I am not concerned with the finished product. I no longer have a fear of ruining a painting.


The biggest shift for me after working with Kellie, is trusting myself as an artist. Not comparing myself to anyone else. Knowing that my artistic voice has value and that there is a place for me to express it. I feel a level of confidence as an artist that I never have felt before... My gut, my leap of faith paid off. So worth it! ... Kellie is a phenomenal teacher! She has a way of making you feel appreciated, talented and more secure about who you are as an artist. It is not that she gives you the belief in your self but she assists you in finding out who you are as an artist. I feel clear on who I am as an artist right now, and open to what kind of artist I will be in the future. Thank you so much for helping me see more clearly who I am as an artist. Your warmth and belief in me has reinforced that having a life and a living as a artist is possible.    


For years I thought of myself as an artist but lacked the conviction to move forward by staying safe and not taking risks. At the beginning of this program, I told Kellie that deep down inside I knew that somehow this is what I'm supposed to do. However I was unsure of how to achieve it, nor did I believe in my talents or skills as an artist. This program provides a trusting environment that allowed me to be vulnerable and let my true voice shine through. My spark was reignited. I learned to lean into mindful practices and listen more to the intuitive voice that can no longer be ignored are a daily practice. And I began finding & developing my authentic voice and creating a confident body of work that I am exceedingly proud of. Kellie helped me to learn to believe in myself and my vision. I wasn't sure how anyone would respond to what I really wanted to paint, and never really trusted myself to put it out there. I am now developing a series of small paintings, and planning to have an open studio at my stunning loft here in Atlanta this spring.


The program exceeded my expectations! I am more confident, and kinder with my artistic spirit. I've learned how to tell a story in a painting, that has emotion, and feeling.  I've learned how to look critically at a painting and calm areas if needed, or connect areas by adding elements if needed. My excitement at being able to create a piece of art that brings me joy, consistently, is huge. I've gained so much confidence in being able to create a painting. In the past I would get close to the end and feel frustrated because it didn't look good, and I had no idea how to fix it. That's gone. I also have much more patience with painting. There is no hurry, or worry about getting it done. I've learned to trust the flow and let it go.   Kellie is excellent at listening to what is being said and sometimes what is not being said. The materials, video, photos, phone calls are all excellent, interesting, good quality and value. I found I really enjoy talking and supporting women artists and I learned so much from watching other women develop their style and voice. Being in the program also allowed me to be accountable for showing up for myself and my art on pretty much a daily basis. I learned I'm more balanced and centered when I create art consistently.


I felt stuck, uninspired and in need of a creative boost. Through this program I became excited again! I loved trying new things and started waking up early to start the day. I had something fun to look forward to.   Now I have an understanding of the common process that most artists go through with self confidence. I don't feel alone anymore. I remember what it was like to play with art materials and get lost in the creative process, and I have the encouragement to keep going.   Kellie is an excellent listener and she tunes into people. Her authenticity and genuine desire to help people comes through in her teaching. I was a single mom for 16 years, and everybody and everything else came first. This time in my life is for me, and I am very grateful. I now have organized my art studio, bought 2 adjustable height tables, and committed my already beautiful art space to a better functioning artist studio. I am happy to go to work or rather play every day.


I have gone from pretty much a complete beginner to artist. I did a mixed media piece that one of my friends wanted to buy! I feel connected to something greater than me when I look at the art I have created. It reflects me!   As a beginner, I needed a lot of “hand holding” and direction. Kellie was so supportive and encouraging; she helped me keep going and not get frustrated and give up. She knew exactly what to say and that made all the difference.... I learned so much in just 6 weeks! I would call this an intensive program which was what I needed. Kellie brought out the creative person who was hiding within me.   I had taken art lessons that focused on technique & skill that did not resonate with me. I wanted to be able to express my feelings on paper... Now I am able to put my soul on paper, be inspired and comfortable doing art by myself, and make art that I can proudly hang in my home.   I am happier and more inspired by things around me, I notice art and colors I never noticed before, I feel like an artist, I am more connected with myself, I am more compassionate to myself and others.


I joined this program because my confidence and motivation to create were waning. I also wanted to explore creating my own style and my own voice rather than mimicking other artists. The program has been great. I love the feedback I get from Kellie and the other students. I am exploring more areas of creativity than I ever have. I am in the studio almost everyday. The feedback I am getting from friends and family has also been very positive. I now have some really great pieces that I love, a plan to actually do a show, and I'm loving the process and seeing the results in my paintings. I definitely feel more confident. I am no longer hesitant to call myself an "artist". I'm so proud of myself for saying yes to myself and to this program.


This course not only has put me on a path of transforming my art, but has brought art back into my life everyday. It created a structure of healing, and nurturing myself, creating a positive upbeat mindset to make art. It makes me feel that my art is a very important part of my day. The pre-art making practice creates a structure to begin so that when you start creating, the things that used to hold you back are healed or in a sense annihilated because I have addressed them PRIOR to creating. There are even ways I have been taught to deal with them if they happen to come up later as I paint. They are out of my way. The community created around all these wonderful things I learned is life shifting too, I have a new set of friends on the same journey, so the program is supportive of that as well. Kellie is an art mindset healer, and creative art whisperer.


I believe I am at a significant turning point in my life and felt it was now or never to answer the call to create beautiful things from my soul. I needed help to allow myself to begin and I knew this was what I needed to get painting again. There are so many ways Kellie has helped me but I would have to say The biggest area of growth for me is being comfortable painting for myself through the critic voice in my head. I have been creating for others for so long that I ignored my souls calling to create for me. In this program I rediscovered my passion for making art. I found a way to express my playful nature and learned to not take it all so seriously, I went out of the lines and I loved it! I realized creating art for myself is a significant path to healing, and finding meaning and purpose in life ...  it has led to a new sense of power, freedom and realization that honoring my own art is a significant part of what I need, to grow as a person and an artist. I am proud of myself for saying yes to this course and when I look around my studio and see pieces of art that I created that I see myself in, it makes my heart smile.


I credit Kellie, if I hadn’t taken her course I wouldn’t be where I’m at today as an Artist. I’ve been very busy with commissions. I am very thankful🙏. Just sold this 40”x 30” acrylic on Gallery stretch canvas.


I am most proud of the fact that I actually took a step forward and made a decision to take this course without consulting anyone else's opinion because I know I would have been talked out of it and would've ended up very resentful and stuck. I enjoyed every minute because it was something I did for me and me alone.   I think the biggest shift is in my attitude. I now feel like having an artful future is attainable. I’ve gained more courage to move forward with my art, and am more confident in how to go about finding my own unique voice.   (I know) that whatever my style is, that it's unique and worthy of sharing with the world as my own personal contribution as a human being on this crazy planet. Kellie just has a way of filling you with courage and enthusiasm.    


The program is very transformative. It really taps into a deeper part of yourself. You learn things about yourself or even your developing style that surprise you.... I feel more joyful, more light. Others have commented on it. I also feel I can continue to grow with my art and always have the skills from the lessons to fall back on when I need them. It also has given me something to look forward to. Kellie’s instruction and ideas are wonderful. She always has the right solution when I get stuck on something. She gently pushes you in the direction you need ... I definitely improved my confidence overall. I got over the fear of doing things the “right” way. Perfection is no longer a goal. My work became more loose, even in my drawing. .. I am proud of myself for following my instincts and taking the plunge into this program. I can’t imagine missing out on all I have learned and experienced. I did something for myself that I felt was important and it paid off.


I had been creatively constricted for 10-15 years & felt like a shell of my former, vibrant self. As soon as I began the course, my soul was resuscitated, my eyes opened to the beauty around me & in me, & there’s just no way to put a price on that! In a very short amount of time, I felt much freer & was surprised by what was emerging artistically. Connecting to the other artists in various stages of the course was—and is—incredibly inspiring. It’s like having a front-row seat to someone else’s creative process, which is another learning opportunity. Everything Kellie promises was delivered, which is nothing short of miraculous. I wanted to make creativity my default again, as it was in the first half of my life, & I can honestly say that it is now. I discovered that it actually never went away; all I had to do was embrace it. Ideas are overflowing each day! Kellie’s course measurably loosened my style & made it possible to start painting from my heart or authentic self rather than my head or preconceived ideas. It makes painting much more joyful & magical.  As I deepen into the experience of painting intuitively, my own voice is beginning to emerge, & it will be exciting to see what I have to contribute artistically to this life.


I was a Certified kitchen and bath designer for 20 years and ran my own company. The housing bubble and a nasty divorce coupled with the loss of my mother, grandmother and step son put me into a dark place. While I was digging myself out, Art and Kellie pulled me to the mountain top. I am ready to leap once again into self employment and freedom that I have never known before. ... My experience during this program was excellent. Art therapy at its finest. I now have my voice to stand tall with my art. I am no longer self conscious and feel that I can make money with my art. Kellie is a gem.


I was needing change, my art was always put on the back burner and needed to be set free... I needed help to advance forward, process, goals, and stay on track with a mentor to guide me.  (This program) loosened up my movement and flow, and let it come to me rather than always just trying to make a copy of someones work. I also gained inspiration, not being worried about what others think, and knowing that I can do this. I am liking everything I create, that is a massive leap forward. Kellie guided me with gentle reminders, keeping me focused and sharing new techniques while opening my vision of creations to come ... I loved the interaction with the other artists.


I joined Transform Your Art because I wanted to become a more professional artist and learn what I needed to do to reach that level. I also wanted to feel better about myself as an artist. I would highly recommend this program to anyone. I now feel like a valued artist and that my art is worthy to be seen by others. I learned new techniques to create mixed media art, and how to be more dedicated and disciplined taking time to do my art more. I now have the confidence to take my art to the next level. I am most proud of myself for learning more about my style and how to play up my abilities and talents in my art. Doors are opening more for me as a result of the positive attitude I have. Kellie has done an awesome job getting to know each of us individually and meeting the needs that we have personally. I don't know of anything that could be done better ... Thank you for all the inspiration you have left me with. You have really made a difference in my life.


I joined this program to become more confident in my art. And because I made a commitment to myself to move from being a crafter to being an artist! I joined because I wanted to know what artists know. Now I no longer hide my work. I am an artist! I love my paintings and my work has value. I talk and show my painting projects to others with confidence.  I am proud that I am no longer afraid to paint on purchased canvas. Previously, I wouldn’t buy canvas because I did not have confidence in my art ... Kellie is amazing! She is consistently positive and supportive. She tracked my goals along with me and provided unwavering belief that I could do what I wanted to achieve! Kellie provided well-planned and well-timed lessons that moved me along in this process. My experience has been priceless! I experienced excitement, resistance, joy, anticipation, and then awakening.


I joined this program because I was wanting to begin really creating as a working artist, and to jumpstart my dream to live authentically as an artist! During the program I achieved great motivation and was given the opportunity to grow and create, work on my studio, and work on a routine that will serve me in the future. I now have the realization that I do HAVE a unique style and that the emotion of my work can really touch people.  Also that being fearless results in a magical process of a piece coming together without the conscious mind directing...  I will always remember this moment, when I followed my instincts and took action. Because I took action, I am living authentically and living my artistic dream. I am an artist!


I joined this program to transform the way I experience my creative process. To learn about myself; to be aware of my inspirations, and ...grow as an artist. And I actually have been transformed! I perceive life through the heart and eyes and soul of an artist! I am painting and creating every day! I've gained more Confidence to be my best artistic self, a clear roadmap on how to practice this daily journey in a focused and productive and satisfying way, and a deep foundation and building blocks to success for painting beautiful, emotionally connecting artwork. My life is so much more sparkly now that I claim this life as an artist! My priorities have shifted so that I am spending most of my time in joy. This is priceless and I cherish this. I think Kellie is really talented as an artist and as an educator and mentor. She has a clear, loving and open style that resonates with us sensitive souls.


I joined Kellie's program because I was feeling stuck & needed coaching to get me to the next level. The program shows you the way to get from hobbyist to a working and selling artist. I now am closer to figuring out my style and what it is that I want to say with my art. I have rearranged my priorities to make time for my art and my goals with my art - no excuses. I've learned techniques to keep me moving forward so I'm less likely to get stuck in the future. Now I'm ready to find a venue here in my town where I can hang my art, and I will start to look into art festivals to get involved in with my art!


I just wanted to share that I just finished Kellie Day’s six week Transform your Art program and it was exceptional! Kellie helped me to clarify my art goals and focus so that I can achieve my dream of being a successful artist. She really listened to my needs and helped me to define my individual style and empowered me to have the confidence and the right tools to keep going! She felt more like a dear friend that I’ve always known than a new teacher and mentor. The VIP group is an encouraging and supportive space where I felt safe to take risks with my art. I would highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to further their art and develop you own style whether you plan to sell your art or just do it for yourself! Best gift I ever gave to myself!☺️


I spent my entire adult life in a rewarding career but always felt like something was missing. I am nearing retirement and as that becomes reality I am researching second career opportunities. This time it must be more in-line with what I was meant to do. It is my belief that I am meant to create and teach. I (now) have a great love for new techniques that I never thought of using, and to use these methods when I am stuck on a piece. I learned the importance of enjoying the work; creating a playfulness that releases my truth and my style. I achieved a level of self-care that means making time for my art on a daily basis. Kellie helped me gain confidence and see where my personal style is leaning. She gave me the tools to produce and continue my pursuit of my dreams. I now  have a show booked and will move forward to establish a website and complete my social media!


Before this program I hadn't painted in years. ... I felt stuck, almost frozen with fear. Fear of what if I fail, what if I'm not the artist I think I am. Now, I'm painting again without those fears. I went from caring for elderly parents to working long crazy hours after their passing trying to get back on my feet financially. Now, I'm not only painting again I'm trying new techniques without fear of failure. ...  I have a blue print for how to believe in myself as an artist. Now, I realize there are no limits. Every day is an opportunity to not only enrich my own life in some way but I can also contribute to others lives. ... I had an idea about my long range plan and Kellie's program has helped me refine my goals and get me moving in the right direction. It's never too late to start over and each day is a gift if you choose to believe in yourself.  


This class has been an awesome life-learning experience for me. It used to be that all my paintings had to be so perfect and tight and boring, and now I’ve found my playful side and I’m absolutely loving it. I’m messy and loose, and it’s so liberating. I’m a new person since I started this class. My biggest tool I learned is just to be myself and paint what I feel. You gave that to me, to just be able to paint freely... The program was a very rewarding, life changing experience. It helped me open up my feelings and discover who I am. Before I had a hard time noticing my feeling and addressing them. Now I create paintings with my true feelings. In my passed paintings they were just copies of a picture, very structured. I'm more in tune to what I feel and how I think about myself. I am a much more confident artist. Kellie has given me freedom to paint what I love. Kellie is a very nurturing, positive person that brings out the best in a person. Now I want to sell my art and to have shows that will show my true abilities.


I joined this program to get motivation to create art without hesitation and grow as an artist.  I had gone through a couple of difficult years … When I had time to paint I would go to my studio and not be productive. I have gone to other art business programs and I have taken other classes in watercolor to advance my skills. However I found this to be a true transformative program. It was the first time that someone led me step by step on an artistic journey. From the beginning, Kellie began to help me open up my emotions and face the road blocks that kept me from growing artistically. Years of critiques or insecurities were uncovered and I was able to move them aside. She has developed system of teaching artists how to create work without boundaries. I was able to learn how to honor my feelings and show emotion through artistic expression. I now know practices for self-care that turned me from being mildly depressed into a happier person. AND I have a show very soon …Now I believe in myself. The only thing that would make this program better is if we could have lunch together someday.


When I was 7 years old, I entered a painting in a local art show. My uncle asked me if I was going to be an artist when I grew up. I responded with a confident “I AM an Artist!”. Time and life took me away from that 7 year old artist. Now, almost 50 years later, we are reunited. Kellie's "Transform Your Art" program did transform my art, and did help me settle into my style. Way more than that, Kellie allowed me to find the power to finally give voice to the art inside me. I can now give myself permission to feel the rawness and vulnerability of my passions and tell visual stories through my art. I am transformed. And I’m excited to be showing my art in a few months, much to the delight of that 7 year old!

Jerri Ann

"I think the biggest change is my confidence... I felt bound when I started this program, I didn’t know if I could feel anymore. Kellie knew how to pull it out of me, how to get to the feelings that I kept hidden. Something about the process and the steps involved brought me to a place where I can feel a change, a mind shift, a change in heart, and a changed thought process toward my creative self. I’m too old to waste anymore time with silly little thoughts I don’t really believe anyway. Any day spent with paint and lost in time is a good day."


You’ve been the best thing ever for me, it’s pushed me into new frontiers.... I’m now able to go out and paint and not copy others, but explore my inner-self, a revelation of my spirit. ...  I feel like I was lost and now I’m now found.


This program is a Godsend. I am LOVING it, finding lots of joy, and seeing endless possibilities for my art … it's divine timing that I took this class, I am really finding myself and who I am, and my joy again. I am finding my style, and I am working on a body of work for a show!

Ann Marie

With Kellie’s coaching, encouragement and generosity I discovered my Unique Artist Voice.  By going thru the process of this program, I now have the confidence to share my unique art style with the world.  Everything I’ve learned in this program is priceless and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience this program!


“I took your ... class last summer, and loved it. In fact my painting from that class was chosen as one of the winners for the Colorado Regional Competition!”


“Kellie Day gave me inspiration and encouragement and I am forever grateful… Not to be too sentimental but your teaching was the first time I really felt like an artist and the potential to do good work. Your encouragement started me on my path and I will never forget your generosity and kindness. Thank you.” NOTE: Heather is now a full-time, professional artist!

Rae Ellen

“My painting, using techniques learned from you this summer, won an award at the Escalante Canyons Art Festival. Thank you. Your workshop has changed my life!!!”