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August 10, 2010
September 8, 2010
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Brown Red

RED, Mixed Media on Canvas, 36" x 18", SOLD

Two weekends ago Michelle and I hiked to the top of Red III at over 13,000 feet to look down on one of my favorite ridge lines in the area – the three Red Mountains. Two of these I have skied extensively, and therefore love. They have fantastic ridges connecting them including a horseshoe ridge connecting Red III and Red II, which I mean to hike one of these days.

Initially this painting included the ridge behind it, however, in the end, it was just so striking to look down on the one fabulously clean ridge. In the background is Brown Mountain.

I first painted this in my watercolor journal from atop the mountain. Fortunately, it was sunny, so Michelle didn’t mind hanging out. The last two weeks I’ve worked on this canvas version at home. First with watercolor on rice paper, then pastels, and various gel gloss techniques. In the end, the colors are just fabulous and I believe it captures that “take your breath away” moment of being on top of a mountain, which I love so much.


  1. I love all of Kellie’s work for the beautiful brillant colors, strong yet soft in their water medium, the texture variation the rice paper gives, the delicacy of her black pen and ink lines that lends definition where it is strongest. I am drawn to her work and how it caputures the nature of the outdoors around her.

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