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Kellie Day is a Golden Paints Art Educator, and has created artwork for Trader Joe’s, The North Face, Alpinist Magazine and more.

Welcome to Art Life E-Course! Class begins Feb.1

Sign up by Sunday, Jan. 21 and receive 20% off!

Are you wanting to make art a bigger part of your life? In this e-course we’ll paint a series of beautiful little mixed media paintings with step-by-step instructions, guidance, and tips.

Each little project will introduce you to new mixed media painting skills, while you create vibrant art. Each project will build up to several finished paintings that you will create, in your own style, through my video guidance.

Class begins Feb. 1, 2018 and you can go at your own pace. Each day you’ll have access to a new lesson, below. At the end of each day, you can post your questions, and share photos with the class below each lesson!

Think of this e-course as a companion for keeping your art alive in your busy life. 

This course is for you if you are ready to make more art happen in your life, you want guidance in learning more about freeing your art expression and mixed media painting. You’ll receive step-by step instructions, start to finish painting projects, and tips to develop your own style. You’ll also hear from working artists on how they find time for art.


This e-course is $257. Sign up by Sunday, Jan. 21 and receive 20% off, or $205!

How it works:

Class starts February 1, 2018. Each day, you’ll gain access to a new lesson, for 14 days. You’ll simply log in to my website from anywhere, on any computer, watch the video and read the lesson for the day. **You can watch the lesson anytime you like, you do not have to participate at a certain time. AND, you’ll have complete instruction and encouragement from me in the videos, and can watch them as often as you like.

You can do each lesson on the day they are posted, or if you are short on time that day, you can come back and do them at your own pace.

**Best of all, you can ask me specific questions on our shared web page, and I will be here to answer them for you during the course.*

You can also post photos of your work, and see what other students are doing as well.


In this class I will share with you the following:

  • My tricks for keeping art going in your life
  • How to make backgrounds you can use anytime to make a painting
  • Three mixed media paintings that we’ll create from start to finish
  • How to find time for your art – sage advice from working artists
  • Learn to make acrylic skins, collage, paint, Gelli print and many mixed media skills you can use to build paintings
  • Learn how to layer these elements in a painting
  • How to strengthen your own artistic style
  • How I work – Watch my complete painting process from start to finish
  • How to work through tough spots in a painting
  • Best of all – I’ll answer the questions YOU post every night of the course … and so much more!

Register now for ART LIFE E-Course, Early Bird pricing ends January 21!

This e-course is $257. Sign up by Sunday, Jan. 21 and receive 20% off, or $205!

Scroll down to see the 14 lessons!… These lessons will become available to you once you sign up, beginning February 1. Contact me here if you have questions!

Supply List

You will need the following supplies for this e-course. Please note: You do not have to go out and buy all new supplies, you can use what you have. I have recommended some of the nicer materials, however feel free to buy “student grade” supples if you would like to save money.  I have linked each item to where you can purchase it, for your convenience.

  1. Acrylic Paints – Get black, white, red, green, blue, yellow, and any others that you love. Or if you already have acrylic paints you can use those too. I like Golden brand Heavy Body Acrylics, however they are very expensive. Click here for cheaper brands
    1. Fluid Acrylics: I recommend trying at least two colors, perhaps a black and a gold.
  2. Collage papers – An assortment of Papers that you would like to collage, such as letters from friends, origami paper, or any decorative, uncoated paper that is not too thick. Be sure to include some black and white papers, such as Xeroxed words or book/newspaper pages as well. NOTE: glossy magazines do not work well
  3. A few pieces of rice paper, or semi-transparent paper. (Must be able to hold up to paint).
  4. Stencils – a few small stencils, 6” x 6” or so. With larger detail (not too fine)
  5. Small Canvases – Get an assortment of 4 or 5 small to medium canvases. 6” x 6” up to 10” x 10”
  6. Golden Soft Gel
    1. Optional: You can also get Self Leveling Gel, Golden Matte Medium
  7. Brushes, preferably square: ¼”, ½” and 1” – cheap brushes are fine.
  8. Cups for water, towels for messes
  9. Fine paint markers, My favorite are “Fine Liners”, which you can fill will Fluid Acrylic Paint
  10. Color shaper – or an old credit card or hotel key card. These wide colour shapers are my favorite tool, aka, the “rubber squeegee”. Any size from 1 ½” to 2½”should be fine. Be sure the edge is flat, not serrated or round.
  11. A pad of Watercolor paper or mixed media paper that can withstand paint
  12. A pad of thin, cheap drawing paper
  13. Drawing pens and pencil
  14. Scissors
  15. Water spray bottle
  16. Gelli Plate – Gelli Arts Printing Plate – 6” x 6” or other small size
  17. Paint Roller – Speedball Hard Rubber Brayer


Do I have to be at my computer at a certain time? Is the class live? Or can I work on the class on my own timeframe?

All lessons are pre-recorded, they are not live. You can log into any computer anywhere, anytime to work on the class.

Can I get a discount for a friend if I’ve already signed up?        

Just email me and I’ll send you a 50% off coupon code once you’ve registered, for a second person. Thanks for sharing this with your friends!

Do I need to have experience with painting or any of the course materials?

You do not need to have experience painting or drawing to explore this process with me. I will provide all the information you need to know to get started. However I will be offering mixed media techniques and concepts which incorporate more advanced painters as well.

Will you be helping us develop our own style?

I will have several mini-projects in this class, where you’ll have the opportunity to create some sweet little mixed media paintings, and learn new skills. I will also have a couple of longer video lessons featuring working through a bigger painting, and addressing how to develop your own style in another chapter as well. I hope these will help guide you to further develop your voice, along with the experience of making more art, and learning new techniques.

How many classes, and in what timeframe?

There are 14 lessons you’ll gain access to a new lesson each day on the class page. The course runs for 14 days, but you’ll have continued access to the lessons if you need more time to finish them.

How long will each video be?

The instructional videos will vary in length from 5-15 minutes for each painting project, plus a bonus video on working through an entire larger painting, which will be longer. Each day, you can post your questions on the class page, and I will answer questions every evening during the class.

Will I need high speed internet?

Yes, you will need high speed internet to watch the videos, and see the class online

How much time will I need to dedicate to the class for each lesson?

The length of time you might want to give each lesson really depends on you. Some of the simpler projects may only take 30 minutes, whereas there are a few more involved painting projects that you may want to have an hour or two to create.

How is this e-course different from you Petal to Pedal e-course?

Pedal to Petal is a complete exploration of the mixed media process, from start to finish. It includes the complete journey of how I create paintings, my philosophies on having a lovely artful life and finding inspiration. It goes more into detail on getting loose and playing.

This Art Life E-course is a series of projects to help you create more art, including some fun mixed media paintings, learning about non-traditional color mixing, seeing a complete painting process from start to finish, in-depth knowledge on how to find time for your art, and how to work through tough spots in a painting. And also, addresses how to find your own voice as an artist.

More questions?

Email me here.

Discounts Available

  • Early bird sign-up – Sign up by Sunday, Jan. 21 and receive 20% off! You will see this discount at checkout, no coupon needed!
  • Bring a friend and get half off – Just email me and I’ll send you a 50% off coupon code once you’ve registered, for a second person. Thanks for sharing this with your friends!
  • Treat this e-course like a book club – Have a regular night each week to do these projects with friends. Bring a group of four or more and you’ll get the 50% off, they will each get 20% off. Email me here for your coupon
  • Apply for a scholarship – I’ll be giving away three scholarships before class starts. Just email me why you want to take this course and I’ll choose three scholarship winners before February 1!


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