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Dulce Vita

Dulce Vita

Dulce Vita, 44" x 40", mixed media on canvas commission

Dulce Vita

Dulce Vita, 44″ x 40″, mixed media on canvas commission

This painting is a visual, layered journal of the last few months.

The most important thing I’m learning is that painting isn’t about forcing beauty to come out – what’s going to emerge on the canvas is going to emerge – what I learned is that painting is about giving the earth a gift of your expression.

It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, or people like it, or it’s going to go down in history. What’s happening here is just an expression of one person that needs to come out, uninhibited…. and the more I tried to force this piece, the more I blocked this expression.

In the middle of this painting I had to take a break from my studio – painting smaller works, teaching, living, working – and returned after a month away, able to let Dulce Vita happen.

This painting is a commission for a dear friend. The final beauty of it was the love I put in it for her. It’s fun to know that the little scraps I collaged in, the little doodles and touches, are all going to brighten her day. The fact that I can care for someone through a painting is the icing on the cake that gives my life its sweetness.

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