Explanation of Ravens

Somewhere on the San Juan River

Somewhere on the San Juan River

My sister asked me, “What do the birds mean to you?”, in regards to my recent series of raven paintings. I had to think about this for weeks because it’s hard for me to put a visual image associated with deep emotions, into words.

As always I resort to rambling. Not a poem per se, I wouldn’t claim to be a poet. But here’s a snapshot of the meaning of ravens for you Mollie…

The Ravens

For years i have sat up high on red rock canyon walls
during a day of exploring
or searching for indian ruins
brilliant orange cliff
stunning blue sky
big drop off

my only company the ravens
always soaring below me
they have been here a thousand years and more.

their dung petrified in the dwelling walls
with corn cobs
and sandals
and that of rats.

juniper doorway
juniper ladder
still there a thousand years later
mud walls with hand prints
still there a thousand years later.

there is nothing weighing me down here
there is nothing here
just color
and sky
and the ravens…

I can hear them now.

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  1. Straight to the point and well written! Why can’t everyone else be like this?

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