Family Road Trip and a Durango Art Show

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May 9, 2015
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Family Road Trip and a Durango Art Show

My son at Mesa Verde

My son at Mesa Verde

My spring art exhibit at Eno Cafe in Durango

My spring art exhibit at Eno Cafe in Durango

I’ve been working the last half of the year to get ready for an art exhibit in Durango, Colorado. It was time to start showing beyond my little corner of the world, and well, life presented an opportunity at just the right time, as life usually does.

The week before the show, my 8-year old son and I came down to hang my paintings. Together we decorated the walls of ENO Cafe, and I relinquished control of the hang tags he placed for each mixed media painting.

I had a radio interview at KDUR the next morning, and being a community radio station, they included him in the interview. It was warm and fuzzy to have this new experience with him, and let him hear his voice on radio.

My son at Mesa Verde

My son at Mesa Verde

We toodled over to Mesa Verde National Park for the rest of the day, (which wasn’t nearly enough time – we will have to return for several days of camping!) We hiked to petroglyphs, saw incredible dwellings, and drove all over the southwest. Family road trips like these are near and dear to my heart.

A week later, I headed back down to Durango for the Art Opening.

Alison Dance is the owner of Eno Cafe in Durango, and if you haven’t been there, it’s worth a visit. Durango is a gorgeous southwest town, on the verge of the San Juan Mountains, with an old steam train, great cafes and galleries, and trees bursting with blossoms in the spring.

I booked myself a room at the super quaint Rochester B&B across the street, and made a mini-vacation of it.

The town was out and about the night of the show, it was Spring Gallery walk in Durango, and doors were open for all who wanted to stroll and be inspired by the local art. The Durango Arts Center put on a wonderful display along with live performance art.

Great walls, great lighting and wonderful ambience in this street-side cafe

Tadasana Crow

Back at Eno Cafe, Alison had a fabulous spread of complementary middle eastern appetizers and wine available for all. Folks were super enthusiastic, and in great spirits. I could tell there was a real love for the arts in this town.

Thanks to all who came out, it was a very sweet trip.

My work will be hanging at Eno through the summer – stop by and take a peek if you are coming through!

Eno Cafe is located at 723 E 2nd Avenue, Durango.

I will be teaching my mixed media techniques in an online course starting June 13 for all who are interested. Click here to read more. Early bird discount until June 1.


Eno Cafe art exhibit in Durango


  1. Pippin says:

    Ah KDUR radio station, as it was the main station I listened to in College. Many of my room mates had shows, which were a hoot to listen to. I also volunteered at the Durango Arts Center while studying art at FLC. I am happy hear the town has an art walk now, as it’s a great way to expose some of the local artists to the locals.

    Sadly, I am not able to see your show in Durango. I now live in STL by the muddy mississippi river. My husband and I love the trees and the seasons here, but our hearts our in the west.

  2. Kellie Day says:

    Wish you could stop in to Durango, but say hello to the Mississippi for me… I’m from the midwest . Hope you get back for a visit sometime soon. The west does get in our hearts 🙂

  3. wanda says:

    I LOVED this post about your son, being a part of the experience. Also LOVED everything you shared. I do wish I could visit your opening or even sit, have a beverage and peruse in person!

    • Kellie Day says:

      Yes, that would be so nice, Wanda. And at least we get to all meet eachother online, and support our mutual art endeavors – it’s a treat!

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