Fingerpainting, Stencils and Weightlessness –  A Telluride Art Exhibit in March

The Sanctuary, 40" x 20", mixed media on canvas
The Sanctuary, 40" x 20", mixed media on canvas

The Sanctuary, 40″ x 20″, mixed media on canvas , $1,500

I was recently asked to write about my upcoming March exhibit in Telluride Colorado. Here are a few thoughts on some of the pieces I’ll be showing from aspens to sunflowers to stencil experiments …

This collection of mixed media paintings is just an experiment of me trying to be free. Free of thought, free to feel inspiration, free of the constraints of this world, and at the same time, freely expressing it’s beauty.

A blue and gold aspen forest diptych is my adventure in blissful painting – feeling the trees stretching high above, with their velvety trunks of off-white, with hints of green and secretive scars. I’m endlessly curious about the markings on aspen tree trunks, especially the century-old art of Spanish sheepherders that roamed our mountains. The history is a mystery.

In the diptych, I convey these trunks with scraps of papers I’ve bought, collected or been gifted by traveling friends. If you look closely, you’ll find all kinds of beauty and humor. Even my son’s homework adorns a trunk or two. His writing is so deeply personal, and I love the structure of the lines on that paper.

The sunflowers with the red background was done almost completely by finger painting. It was a physical strewing of myself on the canvas – a direct connection embedded in my body from years of staring at the sunflowers off my back porch. Each summer, they make their way from the dirt to the sky, and eventually to the whim of birds, landing in flocks to munch on seeds and spread them to fortunate neighbors.

Some of these paintings, are just me playing, like the white flowers. I used stencils and collaged poetry I love underneath. Like Kerouc and Hafiz, and even that line from the Desiderata:

“You are a child of the Universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.”  – Max Ehrmann

In short all of these works are taken from nature, where I feel most at home. And most of these paintings are about me trying to feel free, weightless, childlike and giddy. And experimenting – always experimenting with new techniques and materials. Because the world is very exciting when you try new things.

If you are in the Telluride area during the month of March, please stop by La Cocina de Luz to see the show! Or better yet, come on March 3rd for Telluride Art walk, stroll the streets and visit all the galleries in one delightful evening!

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  1. wanda says:

    What wonderful explanations of nature Kellie! Good luck on your show and I wish I could come 😉 I just ADORE that your flowers look like they”re DANCING!

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