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January 17, 2012
Wilson, by Kellie Day
February 3, 2012
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Gustav Klimt & Nudes

Gustav Klimt, Danae

Gustav Klimt, Danae

Klimt’s “Water Snakes”

In my latest quest to paint a nude, I’ve been moved by Gustav Klimt’s women (famous for “The Kiss“). At left, the woman’s face in “Water Snakes” is so ethereal – relaxed and blissful. At closer glance you can see it’s actually a painting of two female lovers.

Klimt’s rich colors feel magical, out of this world and uplifting to me. I love his elaborate use of patterns and gold. Also his combination of graphic structure with realism.

Below, in the painting “Danae”, again it’s the look on her face that got me – so full of comfort and surrender. I first saw this painting in the dressing room at Milky Way in Crested Butte (a MUST visit for women!) I longed to create a nude that would capture such a feeling.

So now I’m working on a nude of my own, which captures no such feeling at all. The brush is having its way with the canvas! You can see the study below… however the canvas is looking MUCH different. I can’t wait to see what will happen next!

“Fine art is taking risks”, Senior Weatherford said. So I am taking risks with my nude. He also said, “Scream louder – get more raw”. Perfect for a nude.

Read more about Klimt here.

Gustav Klimt's "Danae"

Gustav Klimt’s “Danae”

nude study by Kellie Day

Study of nude

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  1. Kaye Moss says:

    Very nice! I look forward to seeing the canvas! k

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