How’s it Going Cupcake?

How's it Going Cupcake, mixed media restaurant commission
How's it Going Cupcake, mixed media restaurant commission

How’s it Going Cupcake, mixed media restaurant commission

Cupcakes are not sexy. There’s just no way of getting around it.

Yet when the new local café in town asked for a three-panel work of restaurant art, it included a sandwich, an espresso, and a cupcake.

It was during this process of painting this cupcake that I realized I’ve got to get real with this pastry.

If I paint a pretty cupcake that doesn’t have grit and a bit of ‘tude, I give them a sterile work of art.

But if I hang it out there a bit, and get edgy with their baked goods, then maybe they’ll end up with something real. A work of art where I push myself, tried some new things, let go of how that cupcake looks and paint with fun on a brush.

What my clients deserve is a cupcake that speaks to their customers. Makes ‘em smile – or taste that fluffy icing on their lips.

I love fine art commissions because they give direction, a place to start. A mission. A reason to paint with people waiting on the other side who are excited to get it.

And, lucky me, this is what I wished for. To make a living painting. It’s happening. It’s growing. It’s magic.

In other news, I still have to do the sandwich. Wish me luck.

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  1. Love this! Can’t wait to see the espresso and sandwich.

    You are such a good writer! A joy to read.

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