Illustrating Over a Painting – an online painting class

Illustrating over paintings, a painting e-course with Kellie Day

This bite-sized, online painting class will teach you how to illustrate over an unfinished painting.

Do you have an old painting that you never finished or don’t know what to do with? If it’s not too heavy with paint texture, you can illustrate over it and make it into a entirely new painting. Watch the 1 minute preview video here:

Class Details:

Description: In this bite-size class you’ll learn techniques on how to use pen & ink to loosely create lovely illustrations over your old painting, turning it into a colorful background with lots of interest! Then, we’ll add more paint layers to further develop your illustration and use paint markers and pastel to create captivating effects. I’ll be drawing flowers, but you can draw anything you like, or work abstractly. These are pre-recorded video lessons that you can do anytime from any computer. Once you purchase this class, you will receive a link and password with access to your private class video page. Buy this class

What this Class Includes:

  • Three bite-size video lessons:
    • Video 1 – Materials and Illustrating over a painting
    • Video 2 – Adding another layer of paint to define your illustration
    • Video 3 – Paint markers, pastels, and sophisticated finishing touches

Ability Level/Prerequisites:

  • Beginner to Advanced

Materials List:

  • A painting you never finished that doesn’t have too much texture
  • Fluid black paint
  • A lettering pen with nib or any dipping pen you have
  • Small, empty Tupperware or cup
  • A small amount of Golden Soft Gel or a fixitive
  • A couple of acrylic paints in the same color range ( a couple of blues and greens, reds and oranges, or anything that speaks to you today)
  • A white paint marker and a gold paint marker
  • A few pastels, if desired

RequirementsHigh speed internet to watch the videos

Cost: $27

Buy This Class, mixed media online painting class with Kellie Day

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