Inspiration Found in Baja, Mexico
February 16, 2010
Spring Flowers
May 10, 2010
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Winter is holding on with a firm grasp for every last day. Saturday was blustery and grey. It was tempting to stay inside, but a hike puts you fully in the elements, and then they don’t matter anymore.

There was the juniper I look at every time I pass, yet I had never noticed the bench across from it along the hiking path. How could I resist such a perfect place to paint?

My dog sat patiently in the wind as I painted the twists and turns that present such a form of “art as life” and always stop me breathless – these stark raving bare junipers, with such a story to tell, so much history, such resilience. They dance as the wind turns them, unafraid, becoming more beautiful with each passing year.

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