Deidre and I hung our collaborative mountain show in Telluride yesterday
The Mountains are Calling, a collaborative art exhibit in Telluride
December 7, 2016
mixed media video clips highlighting the year in my studio, from collecting papers to painting to laughing and doodling.
Mixed Media Painting Inspirations
January 6, 2017
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Magic and the Arrival of Dreams

Mermaid Magic, mixed media on canvas, 24"x24", $500 ©Kellie Day

Mermaid Magic, mixed media on canvas, 24"x24", $500

Mermaid Magic, mixed media on canvas, 24"x24", $500 ©Kellie Day

Mermaid Magic, mixed media on canvas, 24″x24″, $500

I always thought I would feel I’d arrived as an artist with an exhibit in a hot, NYC gallery. Smiling, black dress, people milling about viewing my latest creations … but something clicked this weekend about success, and the arrival of dreams.

An artist I admire was telling me why she hadn’t made art in a very long time. She has a life –a busy one. There’s been a death, a marriage, a new child and a new house. So busy living life, she’s not made art for a very long time.

Me on the other hand, have a quiet life right now. I’m making a LOT of art. In fact, I accidentally double booked shows this December, and then agreed to do two pop up shops, and teach a class. What was I thinking?

I worked manically to create art for these shows for months, and was fortunate that my design business was singing along, thanks to the great people I work with. Because of this, I was able to focus on making art, which is my dream.

And this weekend it occurred to me, in talking with this artist, that art is only there when it’s there – it ebbs and flows with the cycles of life. When you’re making it and showing it, it’s hard work,  but it’s really exciting. And that, my dears, is a choice, determined by priorities.

Bee Beauty, mixed media on canvas, sold ©Kellie Day

Bee Beauty, mixed media on canvas, 10″ x 8″, sold

I stood there this weekend, at my third art exhibit this month, and I realized, “this is it”. I’ve succeeded. My dream has come true – I’m a full time painter this month.

I’m making art and showing it, and I’m completely enthralled. I’m working my ass off, but I’m really really happy. It’s not what I thought success felt like. And don’t get me wrong – I still want that show in NYC, Chicago, Santa Fe and LA and those big banner sales and write-ups. I’m pretty sure I’ll reach those goals, but that’s what they are – they are goals. And goals are much different than success and the arrival of dreams.

I’ve always believed that magic is working around us all the time, we just have to see it. Even when I stopped reading mystical children’s books, I always believed there was a wardrobe with a door in the back that led to a snowy world with fauns and lions and talking beavers.

Success, the real wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing, turned out to be exactly what I’m doing, as long as I’m doing it. And this month, I’m here.

To inquire about purchasing Mermaid Magic, please email me here.

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