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November 17, 2015
16 Again, mixed media on canvas, 40" x 20", ©Kellie Day
16 Again, a story of black and white line art
December 2, 2015
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Naked Rumors of 240 Donuts

240 Donuts, 12" x 12", mixed media on canvas ©Kellie Day

240 Donuts, 12" x 12", mixed media on canvas, ©Kellie Day

Naked Rumors and 240 Donuts

Naked Rumors 8″ x 8″, and 240 Donuts, 12″ x 12″ mixed media paintings on canvas

I heard this weekend that an angry man who was ejected from a Wisconsin football game by police – instead of opening fire with a weapon or sending a bomb – sent 240 coconut donuts to the cop shop.

Bravo, beautiful crazy person.

Followed by yet another shooting on American soil at Colorado Springs’ Planned Parenthood, this one man’s action begs the question – can we retrain our trigger finger?

Can the next angry person please screw your oppressor with 20 dozen donuts?

Would the greatest revenge not be to forgive your enemy to their face? An act that requires one thousand times the strength of an anger release by gunfire?

I need a new Ghandi. An MLK. A Mother Teresa. It’s time for a new hero for peace. Who will deliver the first pastry?

Maybe the new Ghandi will be each of us, doing one small thing to combat each singular act of terror.

Maybe coconut donuts will be the new Columbine.

Dear Santa, This year for Christmas I would like the NRA to please use their vast power and wealth to run media campaigns for peace. 

And let each man and woman act with kindness and courtesy towards their neighbor in 2016. And handle any angry situation with donuts.

Preferably cream.

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  1. Kathleen S. says:

    Mmmm…. I am thinking a gluten free maple bacon donut from our terrific local gluten free bakery! Seriously though, if we could all just be INTENTIONALLY kind and considerate of others would go a LONG way. Unfortunately, mental illness doesn’t connect to kindness, thoughtfulness or clear thought process. Truly sad. But, we can do our part in distributing sweet donuts = kind acts!

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