Nutty Neighbors & Bursting Blossoms

Live, 30" x 30" mixed media on canvas, Available ©Kellie Day
Live, 30" x 30" mixed media on canvas, Available ©Kellie Day

Live, 30″ x 30″ mixed media on canvas, Available ©Kellie Day

Headed on vacation tomorrow to see my family in South Carolina. This is not where we are from, but it’s where my parents ended up. Lucky for us, we’ll get to see all the kiddos put their feets in the sand. And I look forward very much to reading a book and taking long walks on the beach with my brother and sister and parents.

Here’s the blossom painting I’ve been working on for a while. My usual mixed media flowers. Spring is in the air and it’s one of my greatest joys to watch the green plants poke their heads up in my yard each year, and the flowers bursting on the trees. I walk around with my coffee or tea every morning, and watch their progress. The neighbors probably think I’m nuts. But when the Poppies bloom, OH, there will be poppy paintings! And if I ever get the peonies to bloom – I have been trying for so long – you are sure to hear about it.

If you have any tips for growing peonies, please let me know. And in the meantime, have a wonderful week.

May you find beauty and inspiration everywhere!



  1. Kelly Jones says:

    Welcome to the South! Hope you enjoy your visit. We must have an easier time with peonies here, they just grow and bloom in my yard without me doing anything to them. Maybe it’s a different variety or something, I’ll post them on Instagram when they bloom and tag you.

    • Kellie Day says:

      You are so lucky Kelly! I would love a yard full of those gorgeous flowers! I’d love to see your Instagram photos, might be great inspiration for painting for you!

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