Peekaboo Flowers Project – mixed media painting class

Paint Peekaboo flowers with me in this relaxed, mixed media painting class online!

Join me in making relaxed, “peekaboo” flowers on a collaged canvas, in this bite-sized, mixed media painting class.

Learn to paint these cheerful, mixed media flowers that make a great gift or art for your home.  In this bite-size art class I’ll take you through this flower-painting project that’s perfect for you and your creative friends.  Watch the 1 minute preview video here:

Class Details:

CLASS PREP: You’ll need to prepare a small, collaged canvas before you start this class

Description: Want to learn some mixed media techniques and paint these playful flowers in the process? In this class, I’ll show you how to create these cheerful flowers on your canvas with illustration, and then combine acrylic paint with your collage, to create a cool background. Next, we’ll add finishing touches with gelly roll markers. Learn to make fun art and keep your illustrations loose. Best of all, I’ll sprinkle all kinds of tips throughout these lessons that I’ve learned from years of painting mixed media. Buy this class

What this Class Includes:

  • Three bite-size video lessons:
    • Video 1 – Drawing loose flowers over a collaged canvas
    • Video 2 – Combining acrylic paint with your collage to create a  joyful background
    • Video 3 – Polishing your flowers and adding finishing touches to your art to bring it all together!

Ability Level/Prerequisites:

Materials You Will Need for This Class:

  • IMPORTANT: You will need a small canvas, covered with collage for this class. (Take my bite-size collage class here if you need help)
  • A charcoal pencil
  • Fluid black paint and a pen with nib OR  a thin black paint marker OR a thin black Sharpie pen
  • A small amount of Golden Soft Gel
  • A couple of acrylic paint colors that you love, and brushes
  • Cup of water for brushes and towels for cleanup
  • Gelly Roll markers (or any THIN colored markers you have around will do)
  • Optional: Small, empty Tupperware or cup

RequirementsHigh speed internet to watch the videos

Cost: $27

Buy This Class, mixed media online painting class with Kellie Day

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