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December 2, 2010
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January 17, 2011
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SHH, mixed media painting by Kellie Day, 36" x 18"

SHH, mixed media painting by Kellie Day, 36" x 18", ©2010, SOLD

Shushing through soft quiet snow in southwest Colorado mountains, I brake trail and the work feels good. Edging over barely covered rocky drop-offs, it is early season and I am eager. Aspens lend long blue shadows over the rolling terrain, dark navy corners contrast sparkling crystals.

It’s so still and I am the only one here. I love that.

Except of course, the dog.

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  1. Karen Day says:

    I love “SHH” Kellie. It reminds me of growing up in Madison,Wisconsin, playing in the winter’s deep snows there, building playhouses under the tall pine trees that framed our home’s front door, ice skating on Lake Minona by Vilas Park Zoo;then carrying my skates over my shoulders, joining my friends for our walk home in the dark,softly imprinting the sparkling silent snow. There was activity in the snow, but there were those moments of total silence, and I loved that. Now, I see and feel that same beautiful stillness, in your painting “SHH” Kellie. What a beautiful memory brought back to me in your painting. Thanks for that. Love you, Mom

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