Teaching kids to spray paint, hmmm

spray paint and stencils

I’ve been a big fan of street art for a while now and, truth be told, would love to drop in on the scene and follow the greats around for a bit.

We’re a little deprived of culture here in southwest Colorado – other than cowboys. I love the passion, the freedom, and the rebellious nature of the art. As a mixed media artist, I also love seeing those who’ve taken these techniques to the canvas.

I finally picked up some spray paint at an art store, and started experimenting with it this week. In this video, my son and I play with using spray paint and stencils over old paintings that didn’t turn out. These textures are wonderful and could be cut up and used for so many mixed media art projects! It made for a great kids art project as well. If you want to teach your kid to spray paint that is.

Join us and watch the fun…

Stencils by The Crafters Workshop.

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