Alison-llama painting from kellie day program

The guidance provided by Kellie has changed my life in so many ways, I see that I can accomplish so much as an artist, it’s a part pf my life now where it wasn’t as much as I wanted it to be before.

I knew I needed mentoring to learn about living as an artist and seeing what my full potential is. Years of trying to do it without guidance really got me nowhere and I was stuck in the “dabbling” phase. I also knew that I had a great amount of expression to share using my artistic gifts and that I didn’t want to lose out on any more creative time!

I have been totally thrilled with the amount and quality of the work I have completed… they are pure expressions of me, my life, and my personality.

I finally allowed myself to put my art first. I have never done that before and it’s been incredibly powerful.

I am happy to have made lovely connections with artists who came to this program as I did – looking for that next level.

I would definitely recommend this to any artist friends I come across that are looking to elevate their art.