I have been ”messing” with the idea of being an artist for a long time with no serious intention whatsoever. I came across Kellie’s work a year ago, loved it but simply put it on the side not knowing what to do with it.
It was until this year that I had a moment of realization while painting a large piece for my parents that I realized how much joy painting brings to my life. I then decided it was time to take my art seriously. it was pretty much now or never. Finding art that moves you and a mentor who is willing to guide you is not an easy thing. It is pretty much like finding a good doctor or a good friend. You simply don’t let those go.
My experience in this program was Phenomenal! and I don’t use that word very loosely. The program really exceeded my expectations. It not only taught me a new technique but more importantly got me in the path of painting without fear. I always dreamed of being bold when painting, of expressing my full self without caution or hesitation. Kellie’s workshop has shown me how to do that. I feel empowered now by the technique and the mindset tools I learned during the program. I paint on a daily basis, think and dream of my art, paint with freedom and self confidence, and am selling paintings. I am finally becoming the artist I was called to be and for that I will always be grateful.