This class has been an awesome life-learning experience for me. It used to be that all my paintings had to be so perfect and tight and boring, and now I’ve found my playful side and I’m absolutely loving it. I’m messy and loose, and it’s so liberating.

I’m a new person since I started this class. My biggest tool I learned is just to be myself and paint what I feel. You gave that to me, to just be able to paint freely…

The program was a very rewarding, life changing experience. It helped me open up my feelings and discover who I am. Before I had a hard time noticing my feeling and addressing them. Now I create paintings with my true feelings. In my passed paintings they were just copies of a picture, very structured.

I’m more in tune to what I feel and how I think about myself. I am a much more confident artist.

Kellie has given me freedom to paint what I love. Kellie is a very nurturing, positive person that brings out the best in a person. Now I want to sell my art and to have shows that will show my true abilities.