Cammy art from Kellie Day program

The program is very transformative. It really taps into a deeper part of yourself. You learn things about yourself or even your developing style that surprise you…. I feel more joyful, more light. Others have commented on it. I also feel I can continue to grow with my art and always have the skills from the lessons to fall back on when I need them. It also has given me something to look forward to.

Kellie’s instruction and ideas are wonderful. She always has the right solution when I get stuck on something. She gently pushes you in the direction you need … I definitely improved my confidence overall. I got over the fear of doing things the “right” way. Perfection is no longer a goal. My work became more loose, even in my drawing. .. I am proud of myself for following my instincts and taking the plunge into this program. I can’t imagine missing out on all I have learned and experienced. I did something for myself that I felt was important and it paid off.