Debra show after kellie day program

I joined this program to become more confident in my art. And because I made a commitment to myself to move from being a crafter to being an artist! I joined because I wanted to know what artists know.

Now I no longer hide my work. I am an artist! I love my paintings and my work has value. I talk and show my painting projects to others with confidence.  I am proud that I am no longer afraid to paint on purchased canvas. Previously, I wouldn’t buy canvas because I did not have confidence in my art … Kellie is amazing! She is consistently positive and supportive. She tracked my goals along with me and provided unwavering belief that I could do what I wanted to achieve! Kellie provided well-planned and well-timed lessons that moved me along in this process.

My experience has been priceless! I experienced excitement, resistance, joy, anticipation, and then awakening.