Diane review of kellie day art program

I have been putting off doing my art for too many years as I put my career and family before myself. I was on track in my preteens to become an artist but did not receive support. I met with Kellie and she touched a chord within my soul and I knew that this was the time.

Through this program I became part of a community that positively supported my efforts and they even liked my works! I have made friendships and gained a feeling that it is possible to follow my heart. I am most proud that I took this leap of faith and WOW I painted!! Kellie encouraged me to JUST DO IT!! She had encouraged me to revisit my 11 year old self- boldly and embrace the artist I am.

I asked my husband if he’s noticed a difference in me since taking this program and he said, “You seem more complete.” I am taking better care of me and know that I am important.