With the tools that Kellie has helped me to develop, I can make art for the rest of my life. Now I see myself as an artist-which is pretty huge for me. I am not as violently critical of my work due to her and the feedback of my classmates. It is beginning to trickle into my life-that I am more gentle and kind to myself.

Kellie taught me how to sustain all of the lovely habits that she taught me into a life long successful habit and creative life.

I completed many paintings during the course of this adventure with Kellie that incorporated multiple techniques and which were a joyful process. She has led me onto a journey of learning how to paint with expression and to loosen up and let some fun into my work and process. She gave me many strategies to assist me when I am “stuck.”

I am most proud of myself for being brave enough to try this program, to jump in completely, to trust Kellie and her process that has enabled me to begin some big personal growth as a human as well as an artist.