Erin, Calgary

I can honestly say this has been life changing for me and that new worlds opened up for me. I had come to a place in my life where I wanted to get serious about creating my own art and becoming a professional artist. I had this calling since I was a very little girl and as a young adult I started to purse this passion. However, on that journey I encountered obstacles and I was afraid and doubtful of my abilities to continue down this path and in the end I built a different life for myself. I never forgot about this dream though and when I came across the program I knew it was what I needed to reconnect with that part of myself, the life of an artist.

My life shifted in numerous ways from this program.  The huge thing for me is that I am creating my own work, anytime I had been in the studio in the past I was copying and recreating other peoples work … now I have work flowing out of me.  I also found my own voice throughout this process… six weeks ago I was lost. Now I am exploring other ways to enhance and build my own art business.

I could take 10 other course on how to build my skill but without the foundational work of this program I would still be stuck being afraid to take the necessary steps to push forward into the world of being a professional artist.