Eva, Washington


Painting was in my heart from early on in my childhood. I just never had a real opportunity to pursue it. Deep inside me I always had a feeling that I could do more. Now with Kellie’s help that feeling has burst out of me and I won’t let it sink back anymore. I’m so happy while I paint, when the right idea hits me, when I finish my piece and show it to my family and their faces light up. That’s my goal, my dream: to make others happy, feel relaxed, forget their worries for a little while, and be an inspiration to do art or find a way to express themselves. Now I listen to my feelings more confidently and paint from my heart …  I’m much more calm when I face any kind of challenges in my everyday life. Because of that, I make my choices and come up with solutions much easier. I’m more patient with myself and everybody around me. I’m more efficient in my everyday chores, because I want to spend as much time as possible painting. Kellie is not only a very talented artist, she is a very genuine person who has a wonderful way of connecting with people, understanding their struggles and getting through to them. Her emotional support is amazing.