Jackie review of kellie day art program

For years I thought of myself as an artist but lacked the conviction to move forward by staying safe and not taking risks. At the beginning of this program, I told Kellie that deep down inside I knew that somehow this is what I’m supposed to do. However I was unsure of how to achieve it, nor did I believe in my talents or skills as an artist.

This program provides a trusting environment that allowed me to be vulnerable and let my true voice shine through. My spark was reignited. I learned to lean into mindful practices and listen more to the intuitive voice that can no longer be ignored are a daily practice. And I began finding & developing my authentic voice and creating a confident body of work that I am exceedingly proud of.

Kellie helped me to learn to believe in myself and my vision. I wasn’t sure how anyone would respond to what I really wanted to paint, and never really trusted myself to put it out there.

I am now developing a series of small paintings, and planning to have an open studio at my stunning loft here in Atlanta this spring.