review of kellie day art program

I spent my entire adult life in a rewarding career but always felt like something was missing. I am nearing retirement and as that becomes reality I am researching second career opportunities. This time it must be more in-line with what I was meant to do. It is my belief that I am meant to create and teach.

I (now) have a great love for new techniques that I never thought of using, and to use these methods when I am stuck on a piece. I learned the importance of enjoying the work; creating a playfulness that releases my truth and my style. I achieved a level of self-care that means making time for my art on a daily basis.

Kellie helped me gain confidence and see where my personal style is leaning. She gave me the tools to produce and continue my pursuit of my dreams.

I now  have a show booked and will move forward to establish a website and complete my social media!