student painting from kellie day art course

I’ve come to realize that attitude and loving yourself is crucial and that your emotions do show in your artwork – good or bad. Also, that painting techniques alone is not the answer to a successful art journey.

I could have kept watching youtube videos on my own forever, but I’m so glad I did this because I’ve really developed my voice in my Art.

I’m most proud of myself for making making original paintings. I see just how unique my work is and how it evokes connections in others. I see a piece of me in them and that’s glorious.

I learned mixed media techniques along with materials to use. I also was able to gain an understanding as to how to recognize my style and voice in my paintings. I realized you just have to get out there, be confident, love your work, paint what you love and what brings you joy, There’s no right or wrong if you paint from your heart and soul.