I joined this program because I finally needed to focus on myself. For most of my married life I put everyone else’s needs before my own. This year I finally made the decision to do something for me to break out of the box I put myself in.

I am also proud of myself for taking the plunge and enrolling with Kellie. I had the choice to join a different group, but it came down to painting like I’ve been taught in the past or learning something new and getting out of my comfort zone. I chose to take the plunge and its been the higher road for me.

Kellie helped me get started by showing me the steps on how to get rid of that nagging, never ending negative voice that has plagued me for years. . . She also recommended a book that pointed out that the restrictions I imposed upon myself lead me right into fear. And yes, I’ve felt the underlying grip of fear for many years. It is so liberating to finally to begin to let that all go.

And this gem was posted on FB so it will now be my motto: ‘You’re either fighting for your dreams or you’re fighting for your limitations.”
Thank you for your support, and faith in me