mixed media elephant by Kay, from Kellie Day program

I have gone from pretty much a complete beginner to artist. I did a mixed media piece that one of my friends wanted to buy! I feel connected to something greater than me when I look at the art I have created. It reflects me!


As a beginner, I needed a lot of “hand holding” and direction. Kellie was so supportive and encouraging; she helped me keep going and not get frustrated and give up. She knew exactly what to say and that made all the difference…. I learned so much in just 6 weeks! I would call this an intensive program which was what I needed. Kellie brought out the creative person who was hiding within me.


I had taken art lessons that focused on technique & skill that did not resonate with me. I wanted to be able to express my feelings on paper… Now I am able to put my soul on paper, be inspired and comfortable doing art by myself, and make art that I can proudly hang in my home.


I am happier and more inspired by things around me, I notice art and colors I never noticed before, I feel like an artist, I am more connected with myself, I am more compassionate to myself and others.