kelly art after kellie day program

I had been creatively constricted for 10-15 years & felt like a shell of my former, vibrant self. As soon as I began the course, my soul was resuscitated, my eyes opened to the beauty around me & in me, & there’s just no way to put a price on that! In a very short amount of time, I felt much freer & was surprised by what was emerging artistically. Connecting to the other artists in various stages of the course was—and is—incredibly inspiring. It’s like having a front-row seat to someone else’s creative process, which is another learning opportunity. Everything Kellie promises was delivered, which is nothing short of miraculous. I wanted to make creativity my default again, as it was in the first half of my life, & I can honestly say that it is now. I discovered that it actually never went away; all I had to do was embrace it. Ideas are overflowing each day! Kellie’s course measurably loosened my style & made it possible to start painting from my heart or authentic self rather than my head or preconceived ideas. It makes painting much more joyful & magical.  As I deepen into the experience of painting intuitively, my own voice is beginning to emerge, & it will be exciting to see what I have to contribute artistically to this life.