Kirsten, Virginia

This program has been a huge confidence builder and is giving me reassurance to explore the things that I enjoy and that are meaningful to me instead of constantly wondering, “Is this OK–am I doing it right?” I am understanding my art and my voice have value and that it’s OK to be me and stop comparing myself to others… this has been HUGE!

It has been empowering to learn to embrace my differences without judgement. That taking risks is a good thing and that doing the things you need to do to feed your soul isn’t selfish.

I now value myself a lot more and I’m excited to see what I can do and how far I can go with my art.

The techniques and projects were fabulous and I learned lots of new tools, techniques and mediums to solve problems and spark new ideas.

Kellie has been super supportive and the feedback and relationships from the other members of the group have been invaluable–I found a loving and supportive tribe!

I also now have some of the tools and knowledge to move on to the next step … to build up a larger more cohesive body of work and then put up an online presence or showing.