Lee Bauman program with Kellie DAy

I joined this program to get motivation to create art without hesitation and grow as an artist.  I had gone through a couple of difficult years … When I had time to paint I would go to my studio and not be productive.

I have gone to other art business programs and I have taken other classes in watercolor to advance my skills. However I found this to be a true transformative program.

It was the first time that someone led me step by step on an artistic journey. From the beginning, Kellie began to help me open up my emotions and face the road blocks that kept me from growing artistically. Years of critiques or insecurities were uncovered and I was able to move them aside. She has developed system of teaching artists how to create work without boundaries. I was able to learn how to honor my feelings and show emotion through artistic expression.

I now know practices for self-care that turned me from being mildly depressed into a happier person. AND I have a show very soon …Now I believe in myself.

The only thing that would make this program better is if we could have lunch together someday.