I believe I am at a significant turning point in my life and felt it was now or never to answer the call to create beautiful things from my soul. I needed help to allow myself to begin and I knew this was what I needed to get painting again.

There are so many ways Kellie has helped me but I would have to say The biggest area of growth for me is being comfortable painting for myself through the critic voice in my head. I have been creating for others for so long that I ignored my souls calling to create for me.

In this program I rediscovered my passion for making art. I found a way to express my playful nature and learned to not take it all so seriously, I went out of the lines and I loved it! I realized creating art for myself is a significant path to healing, and finding meaning and purpose in life …  it has led to a new sense of power, freedom and realization that honoring my own art is a significant part of what I need, to grow as a person and an artist.

I am proud of myself for saying yes to this course and when I look around my studio and see pieces of art that I created that I see myself in, it makes my heart smile.