Marisa Asturias painting from Kellie Day program

This course not only has put me on a path of transforming my art, but has brought art back into my life everyday. It created a structure of healing, and nurturing myself, creating a positive upbeat mindset to make art. It makes me feel that my art is a very important part of my day. The pre-art making practice creates a structure to begin so that when you start creating, the things that used to hold you back are healed or in a sense annihilated because I have addressed them PRIOR to creating. There are even ways I have been taught to deal with them if they happen to come up later as I paint. They are out of my way. The community created around all these wonderful things I learned is life shifting too, I have a new set of friends on the same journey, so the program is supportive of that as well. Kellie is an art mindset healer, and creative art whisperer.