Mary Anne, Ohio

I joined this program to overcome my fear of not being good enough to create artwork. I was so self-critical that I could not allow myself to enjoy working in my art studio and enjoy the process of creating artwork.

I was very fearful and skeptical in the beginning, but this quickly changed as I progressed. I have taken many art classes, in addition to having a formal art education college degree and this was one of the most positive art learning experiences I have ever had!

I have overcome my fear of working in my art studio. I have learned about new techniques and materials to create mix media artworks. I have learned how to work through periods when my artwork is stuck in a bad or ugly stage, in order to finish and ultimately be pleased with my work.

My life shifted.. I have been able to let go of the guilt and expectations that came with having a demanding, unfulfilling job. I have been able to allow myself to experience the joy that comes when I create art. This has reduced my anxiety and given me more confidence!