The biggest shift for me after working with Kellie, is trusting myself as an artist. Not comparing myself to anyone else. Knowing that my artistic voice has value and that there is a place for me to express it. I feel a level of confidence as an artist that I never have felt before… My gut, my leap of faith paid off. So worth it! … Kellie is a phenomenal teacher! She has a way of making you feel appreciated, talented and more secure about who you are as an artist. It is not that she gives you the belief in your self but she assists you in finding out who you are as an artist. I feel clear on who I am as an artist right now, and open to what kind of artist I will be in the future. Thank you so much for helping me see more clearly who I am as an artist. Your warmth and belief in me has reinforced that having a life and a living as a artist is possible.