Sharla review of kellie day art program

The program exceeded my expectations! I am more confident, and kinder with my artistic spirit.

I’ve learned how to tell a story in a painting, that has emotion, and feeling.  I’ve learned how to look critically at a painting and calm areas if needed, or connect areas by adding elements if needed.

My excitement at being able to create a piece of art that brings me joy, consistently, is huge. I’ve gained so much confidence in being able to create a painting. In the past I would get close to the end and feel frustrated because it didn’t look good, and I had no idea how to fix it. That’s gone. I also have much more patience with painting. There is no hurry, or worry about getting it done. I’ve learned to trust the flow and let it go.


Kellie is excellent at listening to what is being said and sometimes what is not being said. The materials, video, photos, phone calls are all excellent, interesting, good quality and value. I found I really enjoy talking and supporting women artists and I learned so much from watching other women develop their style and voice. Being in the program also allowed me to be accountable for showing up for myself and my art on pretty much a daily basis. I learned I’m more balanced and centered when I create art consistently.