When the River is Swollen

When the River is Swollen
When the River is Swollen

The Uncompahgre River in high water


When the river is swollen

and lets loose its great, muddy flow

I witness the catastrophe.


Holding on

to the last bit

of anything worth holding on to

with all its might


until the proportions

of what can hold a thing


and what has

clung to a mountainside

for a month

or a season

or a lifetime,



Banks break in great chunks of sand

slamming downstream

All that is willing or unwilling.


The snow

can no longer be snow.


Logs make their way

through a peaceful evening

in a violent, mesmerizing parade


Somehow soothing,

I cannot even hear the birds

in the presence

of these great, muddy banks.


  1. susan black says:

    I found your bicycle painting on Flora Bowley’s site, then arrived at your site and watched the full length video. Your work & process is amazing. Much love from far away Nova Scotia !

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