Winter Trees, mixed media tree paintings

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November 6, 2017
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Winter Trees, mixed media tree paintings

Winter Tree 1, ©Kellie Day, 36" x 36", mixed media on canvas
Winter Trees, ©Kellie Day, 36" x 36" each, mixed media on canvas

Winter Trees, ©Kellie Day, 36″ x 36″ each, mixed media on canvas, Available

We have a park full of amazing, hundred-year old trees. Once their leaves drop, the shape of their trunks is all this glory.

Every year, every day, I watch the transformation of these ancient creatures in our town park. In summer they provide a cool respite from the heat. In fall, a gold ceiling and haven for glorious evenings.

Over the years, my son has grown up beneath these trees. My dog spent his last days in their golden halo, my friends and I have gone from pushing our toddlers on baby swings, to biting our nails while they climb to the highest point possible and stand tall.

I once sat in the grass, and faced a great horned owl in the crook of a great trunk, the textures of her feathers a complement to the deep lines through the bark of the tree.

I began these tree paintings with collage, to create an under-texture. Then the bark formed from pouring Self Leveling Gel, tinted with Fluid Acrylic Paint, back and forth.

It took it’s own shape – there is little control with the pour, and that is the beauty. Wild branches and trunk shapes formed, and I combed them with long-handled, rubber combing tools.

Then came the spray paint, I took these large canvases, 36″ x 36″, outside to spray wildly the white snow, over small, crystal shaped stencils, to form  the cool evening drifts of winter’s snow flakes.

Finally, my Pearl Iridescent paint arrived in the mail, and I covered all the collage and spray paint and stencil work of the background with this shimmering moody coating.

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