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transform your art
Transform Your Art
July 6, 2018
610 show by Kellie Day
Art Accelerator
August 8, 2018
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Your Inspired Life – Graduate Course


If you’ve had an amazing time in Transform Your Art, and don’t want it to end, enroll in the 10 week Graduate Program to keep your Art momentum going!

I’ll create an ALL NEW Series of Paintings with you, and show you how to use textures, skins, grounds and all that fun stuff BEYOND paint!

Inside this program, I dish out EVERYTHING you need to know to expand your current painting practice and increase your Creative Energy.

More than that, I’ll teach you how to Live a more Inspired Life as an Artist.  When your Art spills over into your everyday life, and your life begins to be an Art, you have the inspiration you need to make your greatest art.

I’ll be teaching you how to elevate your creative spirit connection, and live your most inspired life – consistently – as an Artist. Even when you have to work and feel tired from all you have to do.

Here’s What We’ll Cover…

  • We’ll create a Series of Paintings on bigger canvases!  – I’ll show you how I create a body of work, and do shows every year – AND I’m going to share with you how I get started on exciting new pieces, and work through them. These strategies have paid off big-time, bringing in more paintings sold than ever, and attracting galleries.
  • Advanced Style Tactics. Even though you already know the basics of the elements of your style, there is so much more. I’ve recently developed new tools and projects to push you to new levels with your own voice, go boldly where you haven’t before, so that people really start to recognize your art.
  • Going BEYOND Paint. One of the biggest challenges my students have is how to move beyond their current skill set while incorporating WHO they are. I’ll show you how to consistently come up with fun projects using new materials, mediums, textures, skins, and more to create exciting new projects – and advance your Paintings.  If you don’t know how to do this, you’ll end up stagnant, doing the same thing over and over. When you know WHAT to use and HOW to use it, you can operate with higher confidence and excitement to get up and play in the studio each day.
  • A Customized Plan to Sell Your Art. Together we’ll design your “Dream Stream” of what excites you in your art, and get a plan for how to start making income from that in next 12 months. Is it prints, licensing, originals, teaching? I’ll work with you to set up a plan for starting to create revenue from your creative Dream Stream … And if you don’t want to sell, that’s OK, you can still share your art with your loved ones!
  • Group Calls that you know and Love –  Together we’ll discuss advanced topics and take your art to a higher level, with the support and community in our group calls!

If you’re getting some paintings made now, and you want to feel more inspired in your every day life, and really walk the walk of an Artist, and you want a more recognizable voice with more exciting materials, and a new advanced body of work, this is for you!

Here’s How We’ll Work Together…

AS SOON AS YOU ENROLL you’ll get access to the first week’s training! There’ll be Group Calls every week –  so you’ll be part of the continued community that you know and love!

I’ll ALSO be giving you mixed media paintings projects and daily living in Artfulness for surrounding yourself with beauty that you can live, so that you get the highest possible energy and light in your life, and the highest-quality paintings that come from YOUR heart.  This continued support is the KEY for continuing to make big progress on your paintings.