Art Mentoring

Art Mentoring is for Painters who are tired of dabbling, and want to start creating professional quality paintings now, and even show and sell.

The best way to get started with us is to watch my free Masterclass here.

Below you can watch interviews with many of my students who've gone through the program, and hear about their life-changing results. Or click here to read the reviews!

... and when you're ready to begin, you can book your Art Breakthrough Call with us here to see if we can help you.


Caroline had been painting her floral pieces for five years, and had some success selling at local art shows. But she couldn’t stop struggling with her fear of rejection. It was holding her back in her art. Within just six weeks, Caroline worked through her blocks and began to see her failures as a way to progress. She became more confident about herself – not just as an artist, but in all aspects of her life, and now feels confidence to paint more expressively with her own voice. She has three upcoming shows!
Within six weeks, Nathalie went from making slow progress with her Art to selling six paintings! Her paintings have gone from good to great, and she's found how to express her voice in her Art. Listen to her heartfelt journey in this interview.
Jean’s confidence and motivation to create were waning. She had tried imitating other artists, and taken a lot of online courses, but still didn’t have the direction and the feedback she needed to move forward with her art. She wanted to explore creating her own voice rather than mimicking other artists. She wanted a road map for establishing herself as an artist. Now she’s in the studio almost everyday, loving the process and her paintings, and planning a show. Jean no longer hesitates to call herself an "artist".
Join us in this very authentic interview as Michele talks about how the biggest thing in art is trust, and trusting you can have this artistic life, even with all the other artists out there, and that your art has value.
From years of being stuck in perfectionism and not painting, to discovering her voice as an artist in a few months, and creating a series of paintings. Hear her inspiring story of how she learned to make her art a priority, find the time in a busy life, and put all the pieces together to finally be waking up everyday excited to paint and living her true purpose as an artist.
Lee Bauman found me when she had had a difficult couple of years, and was looking to grow as an artist. Listen to her inspiring story of how she learned how to work through her fears, and believe it was time to finally believe in her art. Within a few months, she discovered how to incorporate her love of music into a body of work, and accepted a serendipitous invitation to have a show.
Hear how Harriet went from being taken away from being an artist for decades, to finding her passion, creating a body of work, and doing a show within just a few months. Harriet speaks from her heart about finding her passion and being vulnerable as an artist.
Dede was at a "sink or swim" moment in her life. She wasn't enjoying work, and didn't want to get up every day and just feel like she was existing.  Hear her uplifting story of how she learned that feeling grateful every day was part of her finally making her art happen, she realized the things that were in her she could really do, how playing took all the pressure off for her, how she did a show and sold four paintings!
Hear Melody's story of how she went from being uncertain of her art ability, or if she could ever make a life as an artist, to teaching art and inspiring others, and stepping into her life's gifts and purpose as an artist.